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  • Germany

  • 3Small shipping bag (CD)
  • 6Big shipping bag (Shirt)
  • 6Package (Shirt+CD)
  • 3-5daysPeriod
  • Group A

  • 7Small shipping bag (CD)
  • 12Big shipping bag (Shirt)
  • 12Package (Shirt+CD)
  • 5-30daysPeriod
  • Group B

  • 9Small shipping bag (CD)
  • 16Big shipping bag (Shirt)
  • 16Package (Shirt+CD)
  • 5-30daysPeriod
  • Group C

  • 12Small shipping bag (CD)
  • 20Big shipping bag (Shirt)
  • 20Package (Shirt+CD)
  • 5-30daysPeriod

Group A: France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden

Group B: Great Britain, Switzerland

Group C: USA, Australia, Brasil, China, Israel, Japan, Canada, Norway, Russia

If you don’t find your country, please contact us by email at contact@endlesscurse.com and we will find out the shipping prices for your country.


If you experience any problems with a delivery, please contact us by email to contact@endlesscurse.com. Once the parcel has been shipped out to you, the control is not in our hands anymore and in shipping carrier’s instead. So please make sure you do the followings correct to prevent problems.

  • Provide a correct address for delivery
  • The address for delivery is accessible
  • Make sure there is someone available to collect the parcel

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