We finished our first album and are ready for our release show in Abdera.



Endless Curse are three dudes with a favour for brutal music from a small village in Upper Swabia Germany. They are playing merciless Death Metal combined with vigorous Hardcore-Riffs and a pinch of dirty Black Metal since the foundation in fall 2009. They played their first concerts in 2010/11 e.g. as support for Callejon and Trollfest to get stage experience. In January 2012 they released their first EP "Upheaval" which appealed to the listeners. After an one year time-out Endless Curse get back on stage more energetic and empathic.
In 2015 they released their first music video “Welcome To Our Show”, giving an insight into their first album, which was released in october 2016.

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Album 'Slave Breeding Industry'

1. We lived in Chains (1:51)
2. Get Free (4:58)
3. Boiling Blood (4:50)
4. Listen (4:06)
5. I'm too old (4:52)
6. Breathe Greed (3:22)
7. False Flag (4:59)

released in october 2016
own production
mixed and mastered by Nekro Werk Studio
design by Marta Sokołowska
Single 'Welcome To Our Show'

1. Welcome To Our Show (4:09)

released in february 2015
own production
mixed and mastered by Stefan H.
video directed & produced by Willi Döhring
EP 'Upheaval'

1. Rebellion (4:22)
2. Curse (3:32)
3. Godless Skies (3:15)

released in january 2012
own production
mixed and mastered by Stefan H.
design by Willi Döhring


2016-10-28 Abdera Biberach Link


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